Reel-O-Matic by Reel-Neat Systems  - Machinery for Reeling and Coiling of Wire

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Take-Up / Spooling Machinery
Pay-Out Machinery
Coiling Machinery
High Speed Spoolers / Coilers
Inline / Extrusion / Processing
Light Duty Equipment
Modular Pay-Out Machinery
Cut-To-Length Machinery
Caterpullers & Capstans
Reel Rack / Storage
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Machinery for Reeling and Coiling of Wire, Cable and Tubing - Reel-O-Matic has the equipment you need for all of your diversified custom applications

We offer special Cut-To-Length Machinery, an all-in-one Pay-Out and Take-Up Machine, high speed and regular speed Spoolers.

Custom Machinery is our Specialty.

Take-Up/Spooling Machinery - Reel-O-Matic

Take-Up/Spooling Machinery

Pay-Out Machinery - Reel-O-Matic

Pay-Out Machinery

Coiling Machinery - Reel-O-Matic

Coiling Machinery


High Speed Spoolers/Coilers - Reel-O-Matic

High Speed Spoolers/Coilers

Inline/Extrusion/Processing - Reel-O-Matic


Light Duty Equipment - Reel-O-Matic
Light Duty Equipment

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