Reel-O-Matic by Reel-Neat Systems  - Machinery for Reeling and Coiling of Wire

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Warranty Information

THE REEL-MAGIC Lifetime Limited Warranty

Reel-O-Matic will replace or repair; at its option at its factory, any machinery and equipment sold by Reel-O-Matic found to be defective as to material or workmanship on the following schedule, based upon the original date of shipment of such machinery or equipment, unless Reel-O-Matic determines that defects were caused by customer abuse, misuse, or failure to follow manufacturer's recommended maintenance procedures*. Warranty excludes normal wear and tear and expendable items. The customer is responsible for freight charges to and from the Reel-O-Matic factory when machinery and equipment is returned for repair and/or replacement pursuant to this warranty**

Coverage Provided

  • Structural integrity of machinery - Lifetime Warranty for the entire period of time the machine is owned by the original purchaser.
  • Major mechanical components - including mechanical drive systems, gear reducers and bearings - 5 years from date of shipment
  • Hydraulic components - including hydraulic motors, cylinders and valves - 3 years from date of shipment.
  • Electric motors - 5 years from date of shipment.
  • Electrical Components - 3 years from date of shipment.

* Warranty is subject to original terms of sale. Certain machines may be subject to different warranty terms. Warranties other than "THE REEL-MAGIC Lifetime Limited Warranty" will be reflected on original quotations to customers.

** Reel-O-Matic may, at its sole option waive this requirement.